Sunday, March 29, 2009

your hair looks like a rainbow

long weekend. have i ever mentioned to you how much i like gin? yes. well, i've been trying to drink less beer, and i've committed myself to tanqueray and tonics. two problems with this: a. i tend to drink a lot and gin costs a bit more than $2 pbr, and b. i find that i down gin and tonics like i'm drinking apple juice.

so thursday night, tristan invited me to go see a play with him and his friends. we met at the aalto lounge. "tanqueray and tonic." i met tristan's girlfriend, rachel, a beautiful girl with the best sense of humor. i think she's probably my new favorite person here in portland. a writer, she actually reminds me of another writer friend of mine, paige poe. she looks a little like paige poe, but really, her voice and especially her laugh reminds me so much of paige. paige poe, why are you in new york and are you still writing? do you know i read your poetry from your years at asfa all the time?

the play, tragedy: a tragedy wasn't terrible. i didn't cringe the whole time. the acting wasn't bad. there were some nicely worded little monologues. and the concept wasn't uninteresting. but it kind of seemed like the writer had just taken a course on existentialism and wrote a play on how alone we all are. oh, woes me. but there wasn't any resolution. at least heidegger and levinas tried to make us feel better about it all in the end. eh?

friday night, more gin. this time at the blue diamond where i met a neighbor, courtney, who frequents the blue diamond at times as well. after a while, i met a friend downtown at the red cap for drinks and dancing. i have to have had a lot to drink to dance. at least i didn't get so out of control i was making out with strangers in a strange bar! it's happened before.

i woke up yesterday hung over and not so well rested, which is fine. but i did not drink at all. i stayed in, read, watched movies. i met jared last night at reed college. the band he joined was supposed to play in the dorms with some other bands, but had backed out at the last moment. we still dropped by to check out the other bands. we left while a band played, a group that sort of sounded like truman capote sings the blues. so booth and i hung out with jared at his place for a while. jared is another of my new favorite people here in portland.


i passed out last night on the couch watching anamorph. hm...

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