Tuesday, March 24, 2009


if you've seen me lately, you know how obsessed i've become with facebook. i love watching everyone update, knowing what everyone is doing, how they're feeling, what they want to share, whatever they're vomiting up. i love the exchanges, the jokes, the flirtations. i don't really even quite understand really why i'm so fascinated. and now that facebook goes everywhere with me on my ipod, i really can't get enough. i love updating from where ever i am during my errands and when i go out to drink and when i'm at home, naked, writing on my blog (that's right, booth: i'm naked on the couch, typing away at my computer while you're not home.) that space can collapse and overlap through facebook amazes me. i want to isolate this phenomenon.

so, for my next magic trick, what i'd really love to do is throw a party. projections or video screens would display the pictures of statuses of like six or so "agents" on walls through the gallery, hopefully large enough that each visitor could see each agent's status from wherever he or she was standing or dancing or floating or whatever. these agents would mingle in with everybody in the gallery, talk to everyone, talk to each other, just enjoy the party like everyone else. but the agents would update their status constantly as they partied. "this guy really sucks." "i feel nauseated." "i want a cigarette." "dry martini for me." "i think i'm in love." and so everyone at the party could talk and party and watch the statuses and try to find the agents and there would be all these microcosmic layers of reality and information piled up and active.

my other idea also includes a party. or rather, this is my idea. it's antonio's. we were talking about performance art once, and he suggested it would be interesting if he were to stand on a stage and make mixed tapes for hours and that would be the performance art. titled "making mixed tapes," right? i think this sounds amazing. but i think we could do it coast to coast. get a few people involved from various cities all over the nation, and during the night, each person involved has to make a mixed tape for every other person involved. and each even would happen on the same night in different cities in america, birmingham to portland. and then we could mail the tapes to each other and at the end of the month have another party and play all the tapes that were sent to each other.

you know i love parties.

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King of Eggplants said...

Thanks for letting Brad and I crash at your place in Portland.