Saturday, March 14, 2009

at least it's not raining... yet...

at least my sister saw a few sunny days here in portland. the city of portland is so beautiful in the sun. it might have been a bit chilly, but it was still good weather to walk around in, though evian wasn't really prepared for the amount of walking we do. i have an inverse laziness as i am adverse to paying the two bucks to ride the bus, thus, i walk everywhere. so we walked to belmont yesterday for cupcakes from st. cupcake, we bought coffee at the stumptown annex, then after a little rest we walked down to noble rot reopened on burnside, then up for cheap sushi from the conveyor belt at sushiland. a very full day i think, capped by watching a movie called savage grace with julianne moore, a film so weird we had to turn it off when the mother started fucking her son. whatever.

today, the clouds have blanketed our want to go outside much. we're going to walk to the laurelhurst theatre to see synecdoche, new york (we love phillip seymour hoffman!), then some dinner, and later i've invited some friends over to hang out. oh, saturday in portland.

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