Tuesday, January 13, 2009

oh, and i forgot to mention...

i saw lucky dragons talk about their work/music at PSU last monday.

this project is called "make a baby," in which the audience contributes the sound for the live performance. a wire with a very low electrical charge is connected to a speaker in a way so that when a person touches the wire and other people around the wire, the sound the speaker creates changes in pitch depending on the configuration of people touching each other. it's a sort of manipulated circuit.

they had a lot of amazing projects, a few of which i've already posted to facebook including the open book project. they also host "sumi-ink club," in which any one can come to the meeting and draw in sumi-e and anyone after that can draw and alter until the end of the meeting. this really reminded me of all the sumi-e assignments i had at asfa and jim neel talking about, well, not technique exactly, but rather talking about lines and how we should paint with our wrists. i remember having to draw portraits in sumi ink without looking at the paper or using pencil or anything for weeks on end. wow, that was a long time ago.

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