Friday, January 9, 2009

fridays are my new saturdays

here's a reason to celebrate: blagojevich was impeached this morning. i wonder what it feels like to be out jogging in your neighborhood knowing that you're not just going to be fired at anytime, but impeached. on the other hand, despite blagojevich's impeachment, senate democrats flip-flopped on me and wednesday decided to seat burris anyway. whatever. you know, sometimes even the politicians i respect so much disgust me.

so, my schedule has changed a little. i now have fridays and saturdays off and will work a strange afternoon shift on sundays. which is fine because that means i have friday off and can still go out saturday night. so today, what am i going to do? i have so many errands. i need to go to the library, i have to buy some lubricant for the chain of my bicycle, i have to try to fix the back brake on my bicycle, i need to buy a case for my ipod, and i really should return to REI to exchange these fenders. there seem to be a million other things i need to do, too; i'll of course be reminded of them when it's too late. yet first things first: more coffee. i need to go to stumptown for a little half pound du cafe. oh, and i desperately need to go to trader joe's and buy some groceries. e to, e to, e to...

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