Friday, January 23, 2009


i saw my doppelganger on the train today. in a strange moment of unheimlichkeit, i turned around and literally thought i was looking at my reflection in the window, 'til i realized it was not my mirrored imaged at all but rather another short, skinny boy with short hair standing a car's length from me. i mean, really we didn't look that much alike, but it was such a shock to think i was looking in a mirror then suddenly realize i was looking at another person completely. the boy came and sat next to me, on the other side of the plexiglas fom where i was standing next to my hanging bike. i wanted to introduce myself, but how does one say, "listen, do you think we look like one another?"

often, my sister and i find songs or televisions shows or pieces of art that with which we explain ourselves and how we think, such as the television show "pete and pete" or the song "dance this mess around" by the b-52's. and here's another cultural treasure that seems to explain a lot about me. this one was of my favorite shows when i was little: does anyone remember noozles?

here's the plot synopsis from the last episode as given on wikipedia:

"Sandy's grandfather, who had discovered an entrance to Koalawalla Land while in Australia, purposely becomes trapped in the Crystal Place; and when Sandy finally locates him, only his spirit remains within the orb, trapped in a limbo-like state. She is able to communicate with him empathically by placing her hands towards her grandfather's, palm to palm, with only Pinky's protective bubble preventing direct contact with the orb. He informs Sandy that he entrapped himself there because he knew that he would need to live long enough to someday relay to his progeny, the fate which awaited both Koalawalla Land and Earth: in something akin to a conjoined-twin scenario, the two realms were born as one, but would be destined to naturally separate at a time of "cosmic maturity". Unfortunately, they had begun to separate far ahead of reaching this point; and as such, the unravelling of the forces which bound them together, would cause a cataclysmic reaction such as would obliterate both worlds.

The only way to prevent this catastrophe, once the worlds had begun to separate, would be for a skilled "chosen one" to mechanically override and then engineer the separation, via the use of two crystal levers, known as "Wiseman Crystals". Sandy's grandfather had already found one of the Wiseman Crystals, and her father (by the time of the last episode) had unwittingly found the other. It turns out Blinky, now able to see through his amnesia; is the chosen engineer. In the final seconds before Earth and Koalawalla Land destroy each other; the Noozles ascend the slopes of Ayers Rock and place the Wiseman Crystals in a predisposed altar, where they absorb the forces of the impending separation; and allow Blinky to guide the separation of KoalaWallaLand away from Earth in a joystick-like fashion.

Because Earth and Koalawalla Land now exist as completely separate dimensions, Pinky's magic is no longer able to bridge the ties that formerly bound them; meaning Blinky and Pinky must now forever remain in their home, separate from Earth. They are last seen as an image in the sky, wishing Sandy well, and knowing that she has the maturity to live a happy life without them. During the final episode, Sandy's mother also learns the truth about Blinky and Pinky."

insane right? what were we thinking in the nineties? this has to explain why i'm so insane sometimes.

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