Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sunny skies in portland

does anyone else think that adam liptak, legal correspondent for the new york times, is sexy? 'cause wow, i do. that's my kind of guy!

let me tell you about the gorgeous weather the pacific north west saw this last weekend, especially since most of you sun belt folk weren't seeing any sun at all. don't worry, i took pictures.

yes, portland did look exactly like une dimanche apres-midi a l'ile de la grande-jatte. the entire city came out to bask in the warm sun, fight off the depression and anxiety they were beginning to feel due to the cold and gloom. down on the west promenade of the willamette, people were running and biking and roller-blading and laying in the grass and smoking weed. children were playing. people were laughing. there were smiles to go round like drinks being passed out by your favorite drunk.

booth and i walked down the west bank as well. we walked around looking at the trees beginning to bloom, the people milling about. "now she's a looker." "that's who i'd like to meet." and we walked through the pearl. and played frisbee. and i bought us some gelato (i had orange chocolate gelato).

and then we walked home and i made a beautiful, summery dinner for us: tilapia tacos with lime and avacado, served with rice cooked with lime juice, and zucchini spiced with cumin and garlic and chili powder. it was amazing. afterward, we watched a movie while the sun set, a big pink cloud hanging over our fatness.

and the next day was much the same. more frisbee. more walking. more happiness. a happiness we never wanted to end and were amazed was the result as something so light and invisible as sunlight, as the weather.

i can't even wait for summer. okay, maybe not summer because we don't have air conditioning in the apartment, but warmer, brighter days definitely.

now didn't those images just brighten your day? that's what adam liptak does for me.

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