Friday, April 3, 2009


i went to the library today to read artforum. i sat across from a small mexican man reading a book called hombres amor y sexo. i went for a short run when i returned home, encountering a small dog without a collar on 20th. he seemed sweet and playful. he was smaller than my cat. i didn't take him home because a couple walked up behind me and they seemed interested in him.

this is a list of people and books that interested me while reading artforum and that i want to research more:
-dan graham, theatre
-and back again
-matt green, pictures of women
-ataxia ii, michael gormley
-matthew barney, ancient evenings: a libretto
-martin kippenberger
-hollis frampton / stan brakhage / kenneth anger
-sergey dvortsevoy's tulpan
-dereck jarman
-rhys chatham / christina wolff / arthur russell
-harold pinter, art, truth and politics
-marcel l'herbier, l'argent
-barkley hendricks
-arthur zmijewski
-zhang huan
-santiago sierra

tonight i'm going to a sloe-gin fizz party a few blocks away. tristan sent me this video of lorreta lynn and jack black singing about portland, or and sloe-gin fizz.

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