Saturday, December 27, 2008

no more snow

my first white christmas. i now know why the eskimos had so many words for snow, because there are so many different kinds. walking in the snow last monday there were at least three layers my foot went through i trudged through the white mess that stopped transportation in its tracks. first there was the light, fluffy snow that was just falling. there a mold of inch thick frozen snow that kept the shape of the drifts in place. and under that a layer of thick, loose snow from the days previous. each step cracked and crunched leaving a huge crater in the drift. someone told me that this has been the most snow portland has seen in the history of weather record keeping, which means one hundred years. only some of the train lines were operational, and then the trains that would run would be late and crowded. and the buses were either blocked or late or crowded. and i just walked the four miles to work a few days because i couldn't deal with the transportation system any longer. but fortunately it warmed up a little yesterday and it started raining today and slowly, slowly, slowly all the snow is melting away. now you just have to watch for the icy quagmires of melting snow. there are puddles out there, locked in by the last of the snow, in which my entire foot up to the ankle would sink. and let's see if the river overflows. how many more months 'til summer?

i haven't done much the past few days. i worked six days last week, so now i'm resting. and watching the cats while helen and garrett are out of town. i love the cats. you know i do.

these are helen and garrett's cats.

this is thor

this one is butters.

vicious here.

the melting snow.

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