Monday, December 8, 2008

the mondays

it was a mondayish sort of monday. i wasn't even in a monday mood when i went to work this morning. it wasn't as cold out this morning. i had lunched packed. i ate breakfast. i got to work on time. but the people i talked to on the phone were all having mondays. blue mondays. there's just no reason to be rude. sure, if you're not feeling upbeat, if you're having a monday, i can't understand. but there is simply no reason to be rude. luckily for me i had pumpkin pie with my lunch, stephen colbert's i am america (and so can you!) to read, and my winning attitude and stunning charm to get me through my day.

now, i have to look forward to dinner, iron man, and brian greene's the elegant universe which i picked up from the library this afternoon. and tomorrow, another day at the poop farm. "way down on the poop farm; got me working late nights." there should be musical notes surrounding that quotation, like with close captioning.

oh, i always have another commute on the train to look forward to as well. like today i saw a boy with a floppy and the close cut sides of his hair dyed with leopard spots. and the other day i witnesses a drug sale i think. i was sitting in the second seat from the front and this young black man was sitting in the row in front of me. at one of the stops downtown on yamhill, another gentleman boards, sits by the black man. They don't seem to know each other at first; they certainly don't say anything to each other. then the white man discreetly hold out his clenched first toward the other. the black man quickly takes whatever is in the fist and the white man tucks something in his plastic bag. then by the motion of the black gentleman's arm i can tell he's counting money. at the very next stop, one stop after the white guy got on, he quickly exits the train. at the stop after this, the black guy gets off. ah! the fun of public transportation!

and i can look forward to the gloves madre packed in the packages i received today. now my hands won't turn red and stiffen during my bike commute to work! thanks mom!

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