Thursday, November 1, 2012

annoyingly happy

my friends might find me annoying right now, my effusive happiness grating.

i've had a great couple of days.

as you may have heard, saturday afternoon i found an iphone in the street.  walking down n. killingsworth in the rain, i found the phone in the middle of an intersection.  locked, i didn't immediately know how i would return the phone to its owner when suddenly the phone started ringing.  i found the owner on the line when i answered and i was able to walk back and meet him near albina.  the man expressed great gratitude, and i felt lucky.  it felt great to be able to give this man's phone, and it felt like luck that i found the phone's owner so easily.

a good afternoon, a good evening.  adam met me later that night, accompanying me to the party at chris and tom and justin's place up near alberta.  i've been seeing this guy for a few weeks now, which is good, right?

i suddenly did not feel like going big, having some huge night ending in drunken whatever at three in the morning.  but i thought we should be social, so we decided to stay for just a beer or two.  the beer i brought almost immediately disappeared anyway.  we're all thirsty, thirsty, thirsty, and everyone at the party drunk, drunk, drunk by the time we arrived that night.  adam and i stayed long enough to talk to sexy teddy roosevelt, werewolf barmits, the spirit from the cover of bjork's drawing restraint 9 album, and tintin.  we escaped before the cops arrived.

adam and i went home, watched television in bed, fooled around, and fell asleep together.

we woke up to a gray sunday morning.  slept in late, but felt good.  when we convinced our bodies to move and dress, adam and i stepped out into the drizzle and walked to las primas, the peruvian restaurant on n. williams, for lunch (with a minor detour for coffee of course.)  we did not get too wet on the walk over to n. williams, but finishing lunch it began pouring.  instead of walking home, adam and i dashed into vendetta for a beer, sat on the patio and played yahtzee until we decided the rain had let up (which it really hadn't.)

back at my apartment, we shed our wet clothes, got in bed together.  we spent the afternoon in bed, watching tv, chatting, idle and happy, getting up only when i had to meet mikiel.  a perfect day - i want days and days of this.  adam went home and mikiel and i skipped down to produce row where we had been invited to dj short sets at an event there with a ton of other djs.

and it does not end there.  that's not the end.

monday i received a promotion at work, which will be great.  it will be a huge change; i think it will be fantastic.  so by monday, flying, like that scene in titanic.  i invited adam to have celebratory drinks with me at departure.  it just needed to be beautiful; i wanted to mark the moment.  i found it hard to leave adam after our drinks though.  we stood on the sidewalk together while i grinned stupidly at him.  and kissed him.  and then finally forced myself to get on my bike.

i ended monday night at shawn's house, watching drag race with a couple of the guys.  well-rounded, happy, elated, annoying i'm sure.

did you like that story?  boring, but i'm happy about it.

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Brent said...

I like that story.