Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sketchbook no. 9


i love seeing the whole neighborhood out and engaged with one another, which happens a lot on north mississippi avenue.  living here is like living in a small town, but with the class and sophistication of a city.

we would create a sort of mutual fund to benefit the neighborhood.  each participant would contribute a certain amount to participate.  the pool of money would then be invested in the stock market or a mutual fund.  any returns from the investment could then be set aside in a separate account which could be used should any participant have an emergency or need a certain amount of money.

the point would be to generate a fund so that should my car break down or my daughter need new braces or i get laid off from my job, i could go to the neighborhood, to the rest of the participants in the fund, and ask the community to help me.  the community would come together to decide how to help themselves, to decide how best to use any investment gain, to see who needs the most help.

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