Wednesday, April 14, 2010


bridge to brews

i'm running my 8k this weekend! the pacific northwest rain has ended just in time. hello three months of perfect weather!

anyway, i just thought i'd leave you all an email with pictures of the bridges over which i'll be running. five miles is not very long, but these bridges are kind of scary. i'm still excited but scared of the climb up to the top. luckily my friend rob has sewn capes for us to wear as we're running and i'm sure we'll be fine.

so everyone think of me this sunday at 9am pacific time.

here's a picture of both bridges, the fremont being the taller white one in the foreground.

i'll run over the white fremont bridge then through the northwest industrial distrinct back over the red broadway bridge to drink beer! and actually, my house, though you can't see it, is close to the bottom left of the photo in north portland. the start is like half a mile from my house.

and then that night we're taking photographs wearing all white for rob's birthday! exciting weekend.

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