Friday, December 11, 2009

sex and violence

"Interpersonal violence spans a wide range of human behaviors of which murder represents one of the terminal disruptions in the equilibrium of a society. Sexual homicide, a crime of increasing concern in our society, is the killing of a person in the context of power, sexuality, and brutality...

"Apprehension of the sexual murderer is one of law enforcement's most difficult challenges. Because sexual killings often appear motiveless and random, they offer few clues about why the murder occurred or, consequently, about the identity of the murderer. Even the sexual nature of these murders is not always immediately obvious, for conventional evidence of a sexual crime may be absent from a crime scene."

sexual homicide: patterns and motives, ressler, burgess, douglas.

isn't that first sentence delicious? i love it for some reason. but i feel smutty reading this book on the train home in the afternoon.

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