Tuesday, October 27, 2009

evian, i am with you in rockland (i mean portland)

"where you're madder than i am."
reasons i miss my sister, evian, my best twin in alabama:

1. the fall
2. october
3. halloween
4. watching hocus pocus over and over again all year round 'til we vomit
5. our psychic connection
6. having someone to sit and knit with
7. having someone to sit and do absolutely nothing with
8. having someone who will drive around with me all night, unspeaking, while we listen to air's "talkie walkie"
9. kittens!
10. knowing someone who knows my family
11. knowing someone who understands how fucked up my family can be sometimes
12. knowing someone who knows asfa
13. when i'm out of control, she will say to me: "you're beyond thunderdome" or "you're twelve years old and running with gangs."
14. having a friend around who likes the same movies i do and will spend endless hours with me watching them
15. she can honestly recommend movies to me that i would like
16. she named her kitten snakey and her dog popples
17. having a friend in front of whom i never have to be nervous or pretentious or bored or vomity
18. having someone with whom i don't have to worry about what i'm wearing around
19. knowing someone who knows my constant anxiety
20. she an amazing artist and i don't have to lie and pretend that i like her work
21. i can make fun of everyone else with her

ah, evian, "while you are not safe I am not safe, and
now you're really in the total animal soup of

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