Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tell me why i hate wednesdays

sipping a bowl of my favorite soup, cashew ginger carrot, i'm hoping to warm myself this evening. i've been cold all day. then hot. then cold. then hot. i have the cold and my body can't decide whether it's hot or cold. my throat is sore and i've been coughing all day. my nose is beginning to run. my whole body aches. i almost fell asleep at my desk, and for the half day i couldn't figure out where i was or what i was doing. it was a long day to say the least, especially after waking late and biking as quickly as possible all the way to the southwest. i took the bus back this afternoon so i could avoid the physical expenditure, and i'll probably do so tomorrow. i was so happy two days ago. remember? so, if i've visited you recently, you should probably lysol everything you own you'll be as confused and aching as i am now.

and now, drugs and a movie then sleep.

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