Tuesday, October 28, 2008

every color of his bruise

so, the wounds from my bike-cident are all healing smoothly if not slowly. this is the massive bruise i have on my thigh. and now, since i went running yesterday, my knee is stiff and painful. i need to keep my leg stretched out so that it doesn't hurt when i stand up. but i can not stop jogging! must keep going! must run a marathon (half) by the end of the year. right now, i'm back at square one, running two to four miles at a time. but i'll get back up there. my favorite path right now is down sandy boulevard from our apartment, to burnside, to the east bank trail by the willamette river all the way to OMSI and back home. that's around four miles round trip as far as i can estimate on the map. but today, i'll take a break. do so yoga. relax.

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